W.A. Callegari Environmental Center
The W.A. Callegari Environmental Center is a part of a rapidly growing initiative of the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. This facility and expansion house valuable expertise, applied research capabilities, public education, and analytical resources to address organic by-product management and water quality, as well as general environmental protection. The center provides the much-needed link between research and public education. Located on an 8-acre site at the LSU Ag Center’s Central Research Station, the facility began with an 8500-square-foot building for the Organic Degradation Research Laboratory, a water quality laboratory, office space, and meeting rooms. Next to this the building is a 3-acre composting pad used for demonstrations and research.

This new sustainable office building is situated between the existing structure and the composting pad. The design incorporates several green products and sustainable strategies, including a low-tech water cistern located at the northwest corner of the building. The building serves as the visual gateway for visitors and also expands the capabilities of this facility by providing an additional 3500 square feet of office and classroom space. The character of the building maintains the facility’s pragmatic, agricultural sensibilities while celebrating and showcasing its world-class outreach program.
Remodeling and Home Design