Nicholson Condos
This is a fourteen-unit condo development in the heart of the historic Old South Baton Rouge. The site is on a major boulevard that connects the Louisiana State University campus with Baton Rouge’s central business district. This project will play a vital role in the recently approved master plan and overlay district developed to revitalize the area.

Old South Baton Rouge is a 3-square-mile area in inner city Baton Rouge. Under the “separate but equal” policies of the post-World War II era, Old South Baton Rouge was a thriving African American community. The construction of Interstate 10 severed the community, and the traumas of desegregation in the 1960s spurred an exodus of the middle class. A steady decline in the physical, economic, and social infrastructure has been the legacy of that dismemberment.

Sustainable features of this project include efficient space planning/site utilization, permeable pavement, solar roof panels, and a ventilated rain screen that reduces heat gain on the exterior walls. Windows are protected from solar gain while maintaining views to the picturesque river bridge. Operable windows and an operable skylight above the master bedroom closet facilitate natural ventilation. Residents also have an option of folding the cost of a “street-legal” electric vehicle into the mortgage.

Remodeling and Home Design