Studio 302
This design involves the renovation & reuse of an undistinguished building in a prominent downtown Baton Rouge location. The proposal had to accommodate & prominently display a vintage neon Coke sign that is owned & maintained by the local arts council. This destination night club will serve as a landmark & focal point for the newly established entertainment district.

The plans call for an independently structured roof deck that would accommodate 350 patrons—equipped with a full outdoor bar, dance floor, & stage. Portions of the deck slice through the existing parapet & cantilever over the sidewalk, allowing patrons to see & be seen. The roof deck is accessed through an exclusive VIP lounge equipped with sophisticated interactive lighting & video systems. The ground floor is laid out in order to host musical acts, D.J. nights, &/or private parties. The exterior of the building is veiled in a stainless steel fabric intended to reorder the ill-proportioned façade. The fabric is backlit at night, creating a light blue glow that stretches over the entire building.

Remodeling and Home Design